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Thursday, February 5, 2015

70% off Retirement Sale


I am retiring from selling the 1st of March 2015 due to health reasons. This means I will be closing the Digital Art Journal store. However I have sold reseller licenses to the owners of Digital Scrap Designs and the Scrap and Tubes stores. They will have full rights to sell my products that are currently in their stores as their own from the 1st of March 2015.

You can grab my products for 70% off at Digital Art Journal Supplies until it closes.

Some other designers also have 50% off.

I will now be using my Karen's Scraps and Graphics facebook page as a personal blog as well as this blog, and I will still make free collect a kits and some other things for free so I will still be around.


  1. Karen, I am so sorry to hear that you are having health issues. From personal experience, I know all too well how this affects one's creativity. I've had 14 surgeries, two kinds of cancer, take 24 different meds a day and have 31 diagnoses. Jeesh, it certainly gets overwhelming and I just started scrapping and designing again after a seven year absence. Depression really set in. Anyway, I didn't seek your blog out to complain, so here is why I really am leaving you a comment which I hope you get. LOL I purchased your site at Digital Scrap Designs a few days ago and am so happy I did, especially with you stopping selling. Hopefully you will "still be around" though. I wanted to let you know that I grabbed your logo and added it to my blog page "check these out" section. It's linked to your store at DSD. If you would rather it go elsewhere, just let me know. My site is "www.wingedheartohio.blogspot.com." Also, I wanted to thank you for your work on autism awareness. I have a great-nephew who is autistic and I know the challenges parents like you face. The fact you have time to create at all amazes me. I am placing one of your globes on my site later today. If you ever need a listening ear, please feel free to contact me at wingedheartohio.gmail.com. Many blessings to you and yours. Sally Johns (WingedHeart).